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What Is Open Source Change Management?

What is open source Change Management?

What is Open Source Change Management?

Traditionally change management has been a top-down process within organisations driven by company executives and key stakeholders. A change is identified, and a plan put in place to develop a strategy for implementation, followed by feedback and adjustment cycles.  

We see this approach becoming more and more ineffective as workplace cultures are changing. There is a stronger desire for employees to become more involved in the decision-making that impacts how and where they do their work.

Cue Open Source Change Management.

Simply put, it is a change management method that includes employees in change practices. It’s a form of garnering feedback from staff before, during and after change projects. Opening up the chains of communication and inclusion allows for conversations that will present with more honest, accurate feedback on problematic areas and how these issues can be addressed successfully in order to move forward..

According to Mike Carden, Co-founder of Joyous, it’s not an idea that’s developed in isolation. 

“It’s an upward visibility approach, helping give employees a voice in the process,” says Carden. “Employees are able to see the concerns of others, and in turn staff are better able to hold leadership accountable to implementing real change around real concerns. It provides a sense of ownership, and helps create better employee investment and uptake in the change management process.”

Open-source management promotes participation. If employees are encouraged to have a voice and be part of building the change, overall resistance to new ideas and ways of working will dissipate. 

Employees with a voice naturally begin to feel more valued and a part of the organisation, increasing willingness to participate and in turn establishing trust. Employees grow from being mere victims of change to members participating in the change.

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