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People Change Fundamentals 101 Course

People Change Fundamentals 101 Course

The People Change Fundamentals 101 course is a product offering the Harmonising Change Academy team had been working on for a while. Fast tracked by the onset of the pandemic, which ironically saw calls for change across the globe as people transitioned from workspaces to their homes, the first installment of the course will be launched this April!

What the pandemic did teach us was that exponential change will be more frequent with people being expected to adapt to ever-changing environments more efficiently, effectively, and much faster than ever before. The need for well-developed change competence will become a necessity.

The course is and remains available to our clients in a more intimate, in-person facilitated training session format. But, as ambassadors for change, our goal to create a virtual course meant that we were fulfilling our ultimate purpose of humanising change, across industries and job roles.

Presenting People Change Fundamentals 101 (PCF101), an immersive experience led learning programme designed to introduce people to the world of change. Through a series of facilitated modules and a workbook, the course teaches various fundamental people change principles.

The main objective of the course is to upskill and equip participants to become Ambassadors for change through a blended learning experience, making people change strategies accessible to a wider audience. By signing up for the PCF101 course, participants will get an opportunity to explore and discover the different components that are experienced within the world of change. 

The interactive and immersive nature of the course presents participants with an opportunity to learn from seasoned People Change Practitioners, using real world examples and experiences. Participants will also get an opportunity to share and discuss their personal insights allowing for a collaborative learning experience on various topics associated with change and how to prepare, drive and manage the people side of change within their own environments. Through this process, participants will identify commonalities in experiences and learn how to apply a systematic process in supporting change initiatives, while gaining a deeper understanding on how to identify and incorporate the people side of change. This course lays the foundational elements to creating a common understanding and language when dealing with change.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to learn about change management, a manager working to implement practical change strategies, or even a business owner who is curious about the possibilities of change, the PCF 101 course is for you!

We’re offering a Launch Discount of up to 50% for the first 200 delegates that sign up for the course during the months of April and May.

Sign up here today! Limited spaces available.

Visit for more information and dates available.

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