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Are You Ready For Change?

Are you ready for change?

Ensuring your business has an agile approach to implementing Change Management strategies is becoming more of a necessity in a world that is ever changing. 

Not only are businesses and their people trying to navigate a ‘new’ world post pandemic, but with continuous advancements in hybrid working and ongoing technological developments, lengthy decision making, top down processes have become somewhat redundant. 

More and more we’re starting to see the distinction made between traditional top down methods of implementing changing strategies and more agile, human centric approach based decisions which rely on the business efforts as a whole. 

This agile, more humanised approach to change initiatives means aligning project activities and tangible change with emotional and psychological support that encourages the adoption of new ways of working. 

As businesses start to adopt this approach, benefits of change are seen as early on and immediately begin to align with business objectives. 

How then do business leaders put their best foot forward? 

They create a healthy, sustainable culture of change that focuses on two factors: Tangible and Behavioural change. They work to ensure that the changes they make will continue to meet the needs of the organisation as a whole, and that these efforts have positive outcomes. 

  1. What do we do?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. Who do we do it with?
  4. Where do we do it?
  5. When do we do it?

As businesses begin to adopt this process, they reap the benefits in understanding whether the change is successful, identify any problems with the plan and can then pivot as they need to to ensure a positive outcome. 

Many organisations have started to see the benefit of empowering their people within the change process. Employees are being identified as quick thinking, problem solving, decision makers and are slowly starting to drive the process and transformation within the workplace from the inside out. 

As this type of culture shift starts to take place, business owners start to reap the benefits of a workforce that feel empowered as they’re an important part in driving the project process. They will see direct results, which will reduce resistance and foster an environment of agile change.

The Harmonising Change Academy’s People Change Fundamentals 101 (PCF 101) course, is working with business owners and managers to support this culture of change. 

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