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The Role Of Change Management In The Future Of Work

The role of Change Management in the Future of Work

“The future of work is on Change Management” – Elise Freedman.  

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have been reminded how important change management has become. Change management drives the various ways an organisation prepares and implements change and we’re more dependent on these strategies than ever before.

 Work as we know it, will never be the same. Change management is going to play a significantly bigger role. Change managers will have to work harder to onboard employees, and enabling the workforce to adapt to, and deal with changing environments has become a priority. 

Change ambassadors will need to do things differently. Adapt. Adopt. Accelerate. If anything, the pandemic accelerated the Future of Work and forced companies into a new era of work, a hybrid model that many organisations may have been avoiding.

The future of work is evolving, multifaceted, and very much experimental. Companies will need to fully analyse their operations and the ways in which they conduct work. There is no handbook or blueprint, instead change managers will be at the forefront of designing the organisation’s approach to the future of work. 

In order to move forward, leadership will need to shake the idea of how ‘it’s always been done’ and instead look at the possibility of designing their own modus operandi, one that looks to empower and focus on its people.

Korn Ferry writes in Your future workforce will see you now, that companies should consider the following approaches: 

  • Challenge your people with complex projects that require collaboration
  • Trust workers to find creative, agile ways to solve problems
  • Allow individuals and teams to thrive in new structures
  • Recognize employees’ need to balance productive work with a fulfilling personal life
  • Reflect the objectives of the leadership team, the people, and the everyday world we live in

The Future of Work is here, is your change management prepared?

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