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Harmonising Change Humanises Change Management

Harmonising Change humanises Change Management

Change management is evolving. It’s moving into a space that puts people and not processes at its core, it prioritises purpose over procedures and unleashes the creativity of each employee to make change happen. 

To us, people are at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about assisting organisations and individuals in embracing a culture of change and transformation. We seek to empower individuals to become change ambassadors by exposing them to the positive benefits of change. We equip individuals with the necessary power and skills and support them through the change journey. We seek to be authentic because we understand the human element and therefore work to humanise change strategies.

At Harmonising Change we pursue an inside-out approach. We care about each organisation and the individuals involved. By empowering and equipping the individuals, we begin on the inside and see the results move to the outside. We do this by seeking out partnerships with organisations, embedding our services in what they do, and aim to become a trusted People Change Partner for those organisations. We tailor our services uniquely to our clients as we strive to unlock organisational culture and people potential.

 We view change as a journey. A process of reformation rather than a period of resistance and discomfort. It is natural for people to resist change, to be wary of something new, and that is why we value innovation. We believe in making the impossible possible. We acknowledge that the success of change initiatives is highly dependent on individuals’ experience, understanding, attitudes, and perceptions of the change.

 In an effort to make change management accessible, Harmonising Change has created the People Change Fundamentals 101 course, which aims to empower and create change ambassadors. It also serves as a refresher, or back to basics on practical strategies that can be used in organisations across various industries. With a passion for humanising change, this course strives to do just that!

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