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The Cornerstone Of Transformation.

The Cornerstone Of Transformation.

For a business to undergo successful transformation, they need to appoint Change Navigators to help them advocate for, and implement the change strategy.

But what is the role of a Change Navigator and are you the right person for the job?

As a Change Navigator, you are at the heart of change. Playing a pivotal role in the execution of change initiatives means you have eyes and ears on the ground, acting as agents for the business. This means you will actively assist in implementing change strategies, but you will also continuously encourage positive culture and behaviour from your co-workers on a daily basis.

What are some of the key characteristics of a Change Navigator?

  • You’re a communicator
  • You’re courageous enough to advocate for change
  • You’re a leader, coaching your peers through their individual change journeys

What are the roles of a Change Navigator?

1. Investigator
As an Investigator, you understand the impact change will have on employees and use this knowledge to make recommendations for improvements.

2. Communicator
As a Communicator, you become the communication link between employees and the change team.

3. Change Agent
As a Change Agent, you identify any resistors of change and work to reduce any potential risks.

4. Advocate
As an Advocate, you encourage change by providing ongoing support and encouragement to fellow team members.

5. Culture Builder
As a Culture Builder, you drive and celebrate positive behaviours aligned with company culture.

Becoming a Change Navigator is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. As an integral part of the transformation with many hats to wear, the business and the employees will turn to you at every step of the journey. You need to actively believe in change and support this through your actions at all times.

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